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OnlinePersonal Training with Leo Daniel Ryan


I use a variety of transformative breathing techniques, elements of nature and movement to help you go deeper into yourself. 
Inspire Breathwork Experience  
A Deep dive into breathwork and law of attraction to help you live your greatest life. 
Wim Hof Method 
Train like the Ice Man with Breath, Mindset and Cold Exposure to deal with stress and build resilience. 
Leo Ryan in an ice bath - The Wim Hof MethodLeo Ryan


I create cutomised programs and 1-1 coaching to find the fastest, most effective way for you to achieve your physical goals in life. 
Breath Training for Health  
A structured approach to helping you decrease and eliminate symptoms of asthma and other breathing issues. 
Breath Training for Sport 
I help you to perform better at your sport by training your breath and teaching you how to use it to beat your competition.  
Personal Training 
I tailor your complete training needs specific to your goal. 
Including Breathing - Mobility - Strength and Conditioning - Nutrition - Mindset 
Breath Training for Sport, Leo Ryan breath coach


You can Harness the power of the I-S app and training Blueprints to Breathe Free and become healthier, stronger and fitter. 
Catch your Breath with 
Breath Training Foundations 
Build Core Strength and Mobility with 
Core Training Foundations. 

  Our Approach 

Right now, you might be in pain, sick or just not performing your best. 
Just as I was once. 
I believe the power to transform yourself is hidden in your current state of being. 
I inspire and empower you to find the strength to look inside and transform into your best self. 
Through the Breathing, Hot/Cold Exposure and Physical Training, I show you how. 
Leo Daniel has a deep understanding in the science behind what he does and is living proof just how powerful it can be” – Séan Kinnane. 


Breathe well 
Move Freely 
Raise Energy Levels 
Relax the Body 
Calm the Mind 
Improve Focus & Concentration 


Build Resilience through your body. 
Bullet-proof your mind to stress. 
Take on more in life. 


Endure physical and mental Challenges. 
Pursue Adventures with peace of body and mind. 
Play Sport at your highest Level. 
Enjoy Life, no matter what it gifts you. 

Feel the Raw Experience of the Breath and Body with one of our Live Events 

Inspire breathwork by Leo Ryan

Inspire Breathwork Experience 

Connect Deeply to Yourself, Nature & Others 
Feeling Awesome is accessible to everybody through deep breathing. Once you're in this state, you have the opportunity to create Your Greatness. 
Wim Hof Events, Leo Ryan breath coach

Wim Hof Events 

Connect Deeply to Yourself, Nature & Others 
Utilize a specialised breathing technique, mindset and cold space exposure to avoid burnout and connect fully with life 
OA Advanced Instructor Course with Leo Daniel Ryan

OA® Advanced Instructor Course 

Become a certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor with 16 hours of live training over one weekend combined with ongoing support and learning. 
One of the best things I have ever tried and has had a large impact on my life and health 
Thomas Moran, International Sprinter and Asthmatic 

Cutomise your experience with a tailor-made approach just for you. 

Leo Ryan in an ice bath - The Wim Hof MethodLeo Ryan

Breath Training for Health 

Breathe free and easily like you could only imagine until now with a tailor-made coaching program, just for you. 
Breath Training for Sport, Leo Ryan breath coach

Breath Training for Sport 

Get the Edge on Sports Performance with a tailor-made coaching program, just for you. 
OnlinePersonal Training with Leo Daniel Ryan

Online Personal Training 

Train intelligently to achieve your personal goals using the I-S App and Leo’s wealth of experience. 

  Breathe Better and Become Stronger with one of our Signature Programmes. 

Breath Training Foundation, Leo Ryan breath coach


The Most Comprehensive Breath Training System in the World. 
Over 16 Weeks you develop every aspect of your breath, one phase at a time. 
Core Training Foundation with Leo Daniel Ryan


Become strong and supply in 12 weeks by developing your core from the ground up utilising the best of breath, mobility and strength training. 
Training Just Got Easier 
Download The App 
Enjoy a Stronger Training Experience 

Get In Touch 

I have a ton of experience and knowledge developing health, strong and fitness for people like you. I wanted to get my message out to more people which is why I created Innate Strength. I know you can be healthier, stronger and fitter when you train the Innate Strength way. The training programs and events are designed with your Vision in mind and no matter where you are in the world, I can now be your personal trainer. 
Whether you’re looking for customised coaching or you have a burning question form, please get in touch by using the form below. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, email me directly at .  


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