Our Approach 

We always begin by training the weakest link in your body. We target your weakest aspect and build you strong from there. More often than not, your weakest link is your breathing. It sounds funny but it’s true. 

What do we do specifically? 

We coach you to health and we show you how you can use your body to achieve physical challenges without destroying yourself. 
Fundamentally, we coach Breathing, Pre-habilitation, athletic strength & conditioning and stress resilience through cold immersion training. 
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We are our best when we move 
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We need to breathe well to live well 
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Connecting body and mind is Innate Strength 
Breathing and Movement Training are the magic pill for ultimate human performance. They're essential to optimise your career, sport and home life. They immediately change our body's chemistry, they alter the way we think, the way we feel and the way we live. To be Strong you need to Breathe Well, Move efficiently and Know yourself.. 
“Whether you are run down, worn out and exhausted or you want to form a body and mind to tackle your life, Innate Strength will empower you to continuously 
‘Breathe Free & Be Strong’ 

By the End of Project Breathe you will know how to: 

Get the edge in life 
Remain Calm under pressure 
Raise your Energy levels 
Improve Focus & Concentration 
Breathing in Sport 
Breathe in the gym 
Breathe for Sports Performance 
Get the Edge in Sport 
Breathe for a healthy body and mind 
Reset your breathing mechanics 
Restore balance to your body chemistry 
Alter the rhythms of your body and brain 
Train your Breathing System to Raise your energy, Strengthen the body, increase endurance and live Your Great Life. 

Choose from our scientifically designed programmes tailored to your requirements 

Breath Training Foundation

Breath Training Foundations 

The Most Comprehensive Breath Training System in the World.  
Over 16 Weeks you develop every aspect of your breath, one phase at a time. 
Leo Ryan in an ice bath - The Wim Hof MethodLeo Ryan

Breathing for Health Online Personal Training 

Breathe free and easily like you could only imagine until now with a tailor-made coaching program, just for you. 
Breath Training forSport, Leo Ryan breath coach

Breathing for Sport  Online Personal Training 

Get the Edge on Sports Performance with a tailor-made coaching program, just for you. 
I worked with Leo for a number of years and found the experience challenging, but very rewarding. 
Leo's training techniques were unique, innovative and highly effective. Leo introduced me to a number of breathing methods and techniques which I found to be very challenging at first, but which have helped improve performance over time. 
Gav McArdle - GAA and Marathon Running 
Book a free 15 minute consultation call with Leo 
Where we can explore how a Breathing Programme might 
help you meet your life or sporting goals. 
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