“Whether you are run down, worn out and exhausted or you want to form a body and mind to tackle your life, Innate Strength will drive you to attain the glory of 
‘Strong Inside and Out’ 


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I worked with Leo for a number of years and found the experience challenging, but very rewarding. 
Leo's training techniques were unique, innovative and highly effective. Leo introduced me to a number of breathing methods and techniques which I found to be very challenging at first, but which have helped improve performance over time. 
Gav McArdle GAA and Marathon Running 


Leo Ryan in an ice bath - The Wim Hof MethodLeo Ryan

Wim Hof Method Fundamentals 

Connect Deeply to yourself, to others and nature in just 4 hours 
Oxygen Advantage sports breathing training

Oxygen Advantage Sports Breathing 

Optimize Breathing & Endure longer for Better Sports Performance 
What began as a challenge became a way of life and a very enjoyable one at that. 
I am off medication for blood pressure and cholesterol that my doctor said I would be on for life!. I feel ten years younger and my kids tell me I look it so that is good enough for me 
Brian Fitzpatrick, Company Director 

Personal Training 

Make rapid gains in health and performance by customising your innate strength training programming using our unique body-mind approach. (available only in Dublin, Ireland) 


5 Characteristics of a Great Breath - Blog Image of Leo
5 Characteristics of a Great Breath 
Leo Ryan health performance and breath specialist
Does better breathing improve my life? 
stressed out man, blog image
Death by a thousand cuts 
Leo Ryan breathing exercise
5 Characteristics of a Great Breath 
Leo Ryan breathing and health performance coach
Does better breathing improve my life? 
Stressed out man
Death by a thousand cuts 


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