Jason Eastwood 


Firstly, I want to share how excited I am to be joining the ranks at innate strength. 
I feel extremely inspired joining a team who are passionate towards helping people in fitness and wellbeing. It was clear to me Leo and Marcus have practiced and proved many different training methodologies on themselves and clients over the years and now they have gained such a vast knowledge on building strength training, improving performance, injuries, Restoring the Breath and helping clients in recovery from symptoms such as anxiety, asthma and cardiovascular diseases to name a few. 
What I can bring to the innate strength team? Over the years I have also delved into many different training methods to improve my own general well-being, my confidence and just keeping up with my fitness goals but most importantly my mental health. It took a while to find my way but I didn’t give up the search. I know movement is extremely important for the body and as the awl saying goes “if Ya don’t move it, you will lose it” This does resonate with me. As a young child, teenager, young adult and now not that old but wiser adult I was always involved in some form of physical activity and for me I just had to keep moving and it was not till my early 30s I discovered I have ADHD. Which makes complete sense to me now as to why I had so much energy and racing thoughts. I needed to find ways to stay focused and calmer so intuitively I enjoyed taking part in physical activities to a great degree, I will name a few in order as my first introduction to sports GAA, Football, Quazar (yep laser tag remember them? Ruining bout for 3 hours in the dark is harder than it sounds) amateur Boxing, Rugby league, swimming, running, now to this very day Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu. I began training and competing in Jiu – Jitsu from February 2016. I am a purple belt under professor & 1st degree black belt Damien Dowling at JSBJJ Drogheda. My own journey in Jiu-Jitsu so far has been quite unique. I am still improving everyday as  
Jason Eastwood - Innate Strength


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