Posts from November 2019

3 Indicators You Don’t Warm Up Well When Training 

Last night saw the first full moon of winter. Today the temperature has dropped to single digits and there’s a bitterly easterly breeze blowing. “Winter is here”, as Game of Thrones would say and so is winter outdoor training. For most sports, this means the long hard slog of off-season or pre-season training has begun. Creating a base of fitness can be difficult at the best of times and it’s made even worse in the bitterly cold. The cold adds another dimension to training, it starts us off from a lower base of readiness and so we need more time to get up to the pace of the session. This means we’re more susceptible to a poor quality warm up. A poor warm up increases our risk of injury and reduces our performance in our session. But how do we know if we are warming up well?  
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