Posts from April 2020

#Freezbury2020 - My Experience 

This year I decided to join in on the #Freezbury challenge from the start. The purpose of doing the challenge for me was to bring a focus to my life. I thought jumping into the cold water on a daily basis would inspire me to forge ahead with three other major long-term goals I’m working on in my life. I find it’s always important for me to understand Why I’m doing a Challenge and to find meaning in it. I find no benefit in ego-only-driven-pursuits any more. This way I can take the lessons forward into life with me and it benefits me as a whole. 

#Freezbrury – The Beginnings for me 

#Freezbrury2020 ended for me today, on Day 12 of the event. In ending my time early, I pass on the baton to all the other participants around the country. I wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours over the course of the remaining 18 days. It was yesterday really that I made the decision I wouldn’t continue and I sit in peace with that decision today. As I write this post I am 95% content with my decision, there is always the feeling of “the grass is greener on the other side”. There is always the feeling of “I could continue”. In fact, if we were to call a spade a spade, I probably feel better, more energized and more able to go in the water today but that isn’t what my heart is telling me. And that begs the question: “why would I continue”? To answer that question I need to return to the beginnings of #Freezbury and of me. 
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