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If you’ve been following the Innate Strength Socials, you may have noticed that I undertook a 30-day Oxygen Advantage Breath Training Challenge. The reason I took on the challenge was to take my performance to the next level. I set out with the intention of improving my fitness levels, my ability to think clearly under pressure, and to improve resilience in mind and body. Although my progress was stalled due to sickness, there were a whole host of valuable insights gained within the 30 days. 
Life throws curve balls at us the whole time. There are large ones that really knock us off centre and there are small ones. The small ones are the curve balls which put us off our game on a daily basis and create the idea of the daily grind. 
Back in March 2020 Damien Browne posted a 14 Day Burpee Challenge to Instagram. The goal was to perform as many hand-release Burpees in a minute on day one. On each subsequent day you have to beat your previous score in the same time and then add another minute of torture! Ireland had just entered a national lockdown and with nothing better to do I decided it would be an easy way to keep myself occupied. Boy was I wrong. It was a horrible challenge (which I secretly loved, lol). You can read more about my first experience of the 14 Day Burpee Challenge by clicking here. Afterwards, I swore I’d never do something so stupid again. Fast forward eighteen months later and I’m back at it again for a second time. So why, oh why, did I do the Burpee Challenge Again? Read on and you’ll find out my reasons as well as what I got from it this time around! But first let me give you some context. 

#Freezbrury – The Beginnings for me 

#Freezbrury2020 ended for me today, on Day 12 of the event. In ending my time early, I pass on the baton to all the other participants around the country. I wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours over the course of the remaining 18 days. It was yesterday really that I made the decision I wouldn’t continue and I sit in peace with that decision today. As I write this post I am 95% content with my decision, there is always the feeling of “the grass is greener on the other side”. There is always the feeling of “I could continue”. In fact, if we were to call a spade a spade, I probably feel better, more energized and more able to go in the water today but that isn’t what my heart is telling me. And that begs the question: “why would I continue”? To answer that question I need to return to the beginnings of #Freezbury and of me. 
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