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Life throws curve balls at us the whole time. There are large ones that really knock us off centre and there are small ones. The small ones are the curve balls which put us off our game on a daily basis and create the idea of the daily grind. 
Recently I’ve been taking an ice bath first thing in the morning, three times per week. The purpose was not to adapt to cold exposure and gain the physical benefits of training the cold. Rather, the focus was to train my mind. Train it to do something hard first thing in the morning. It’s been a fascinating journey. Fun at times and hard at times too. Essentially, this is an experience of fear and of understanding our body’s wiring to safety. It is an experience of what happens when you move through this fear, become friends with it and find out what’s on the far side of it. By sharing this story, I hope my insights give a glimpse of your own innate strength, the battles that exist to become strong inside and out and the mechanisms we have to pass through to find peace and joy in life. Enjoy. Now let us begin…. 
Rarely do I listen to the radio, I just prefer podcasts, audiobooks and music I like. But every now and again I switch it on and have a listen. Sometimes I get lucky and I hear a segment of radio I love. Hearing the screams of fear from radio-personality Henry McKean blare through my radio that Wednesday afternoon on was even better than listening to my favourite podcaster. 
He had just jumped from a 7m high diving board for #ChallengeHenry and was scared out of his skin! This was just day one of #ChallengeHenry, each day Henry was dared by the public to do something out of his comfort zone and relay his experience on Newstalks afternoon segment, ‘The Hard Shoulder’. I couldn’t resist but to offer him my challenge.... 
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