Physical Strength and Mental Resilience are one and the same. You are born with a sense of strong. What you need do is to develop that sense into reality for yourself. “Easier said than done” you may say. That is why we coach you to find your own Innate Strength through Breathing, Cold Exposure, Strength and Conditioning training. 
You see, your life will give you the circumstances you need to develop your own strength. This may be a disease, pain or dysfunction in the body. It could also be the desire to become something more than you are now, to achieve athletic glory or use your body for a physical adventure. 
To develop innate strength, the type of challenge does not matter and the level of challenge does not matter. All that matters is that you want to become more than you are. You want to become medication-free, live pain-free, live a healthy life and/or use that same health to achieve something glorious for you. The journey of on this path to innate-strength is what we call Your Greatest Life.  
So, no matter where you are right now, you can use the principles we coach to heal disease, attain health and optimize human performance.  
You can use these tools to cultivate your innate-strength and live your Greatest Life. 

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A week later, I felt ready to wake-up and energised to start the day. 
For four years, I had been plagued with common allergy symptoms – rhinitis, itchy pallet and even being woken up at night with sneezing attacks. Until Leo took me step-by-step through the BreathFix programme.  
Nick, Chile 

Where do we come into the picture? 

We coach you how to develop the strength you require for the physical challenges in your life. This strength is not what you might typically expect. It’s not about lifting heavy weights (although we do that sometimes). Rather it’s more about learning the signals in your own body; how to read them and how to use them to become strong. Through workshops, one-to-one training and online courses (*in the future) we show you how to breathe well, move strong and challenge yourself in a controlled environment. You can then use these teachings to heal your body and perform some awesome physical challenges. To give you an example of the power of Innate Strength some of our previous clients have eliminated the need for medication and gone onto to run marathons. Others, meanwhile, have become pain-free and returned to martial arts. 

  Our Approach 

We always begin by training the weakest link in your body. We target your weakest aspect and build you strong from there. More often than not, your weakest link is your breathing. It sounds funny but it’s true. 

What do we do specifically? 

We coach you to health and we show you how you can use your body to achieve physical challenges without destroying yourself. 
Fundamentally, we coach Breathing, Pre-habilitation, athletic strength & conditioning and stress resilience through cold immersion training. 
Movement icon
We are our best when we move 
Lungs icon
We need to breathe well to live well 
Body and mind icon
Connecting body and mind is Innate Strength 
Breathing and Movement Training are the magic pill for ultimate human performance. They're essential to optimise your career, sport and home life. They immediately change our body's chemistry, they alter the way we think, the way we feel and the way we live. To be Strong you need to Breathe Well, Move efficiently and Know yourself.. 
Here at Innate We show you how to restore a functional breath. Every time a client manages to restore their optimal breathing pattern, much of their disease disappears – for good. 
We then teach you to use your breath to optimize other systems in your body to gain more energy, think more clearly and become more creative. 
We also combine breath training with cold exposure training and physical training. By joining these training modalities we create a much more potent stimulus for your body to change. You can heal quicker, feel better for longer and enjoy life more. 
Combined with the breath, we retrain you how to move well again. I say move well “again” because we could all move well as babies. Unfortunately, sitting down, commuting and modern living has seized our body’s ability to move efficiently. We re-train your movement patterns. We build strength from the foundations. By taking this approach our clients have reduced and even eliminated life-long pain. It has enabled them to move once more and pursuit physical adventure. 


FREE GUIDED BREATH MEDITATION  when you sign up to our Newsletter 

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