Do you start slow, fatigue early or just want more from your training and sport? 

Learn to master your breathing system for physical performance, recovery and life. 
Come join me, I can teach you to Breathe Healthy in just 6 sessions. 

By the End of 'Breath Training for Sport' you will know how to: 

Start Quicker. 
Last Longer. 
Focus Better. 
Remain cool under pressure. 
Revive energy mid-session. 
Recover Better. 
Breathe Easy. 
Sleep Soundly. 
Boost your immune system. 
Fit all breathing techniques into a framework for use as needed. 
Eliminate 2nd Wind. 
Build your Aerobic Base. 
Increase sprint-repeatability & endurance. 
Enhance max. strength and relative strength qualities. 
Train your Breathing System to perform at your physical best in Sport and life. 

In this Online Coaching Program you’ll learn: 

Step-by-step how to train your breathing system to get the edge in physical performance & life! We’ll start by measuring your breath. 
Then, week by week we breakdown and train each component of breathing.  
By the end you’ll have built your breathing system for physical performance. 

What you can expect from 'Breath Training for Sport': 

A Complete Breath Training Program for Health - More than 60 techniques from a variety of backgrounds were tested over 15 years to deliver this program to you. We’ve picked the best techniques from physiology, psychology, biomechanics, sports science, yoga, tai chi and martial arts. Then we apply them to your unique body! 
A Results based program for breathing - By the end of the program you’ll have a measurable difference in your breathing. It will be better than you could have ever imagined. 
A Supportive Learning Experience - We use videos, coaching notes, tracking, feedback and community to support your learning experience 
Lifetime Access to the Innate Strength App (*optional extra) - with technique videos, coaching notes, support and success tracking. 
A community of like-minded people - Not everyone ‘gets’ breathing. Here you’ll find many people just as excited as you. 
See Game-Changing Results that last - Some Clients have hit PB’s within one week of starting the program. The rest develop similar results over time. 
Customised Training - This is personal training for Breathing. We tailor everything to your needs to give you the best chance to succeed 
100% Gauranteed - You’ll do the training, hit your milestones and develop the full capabilities of your breathing system for an entire year – or it’s free. 

What You are buying in Breath Training for Sport 

1x Consultation Assessment 
5x Personalised Online Coaching Sessions* 
Access to the Innate-Strength App during the Training 
complete with your customised program, videos & support documentation. 
Option for addional access to the app with  
email and in app messaging support. 
Access to a like-minded community for support. 
Total Cost: €599 
*Coaching sessions last up to one hour. They can be hosted in-person if you are local to Leo. 

What your coach expects from you 

Take 100% Responsibility for your Body and Life" 
We bring the experience, knowledge and expertise necessary to empower you to attain your vision. It is our job to coach you on what needs to be done. It is your job to do what needs to be done. Your coach expects you to do everything in your power to attain your vision. It is your responsibility to show up on time, train hard and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments in order to realise your full potential. Most importantly, we expect you to enjoy your journey with us. Please only commit to this agreement when you are ready to make a positive change to your health and your life. 
You will notice improvements straight away in Breathe Athletic Performance with your full commitment. 
To reap the full rewards of the training it will take a minimum commitment of 20minutes every day until you hit your numbers 
(usually 8-10 weeks and may take as long as 1 year). 

What you can expect from your coach 

A training program created specifically to your needs. 
To conduct the coaching sessions at agreed times. 
To upload and update the app for you with your required learning resources in a timely manner. 
Professionalism at all times. 
Leo Daniel Ryan, 
Breathing Performance Coach 
Not sure if Breath Training For Sport is the right programme for you? 
Book a free 15 minute consultation call with Leo so that we can help guide you towards meeting your needs  

Online Coaching Terms and Conditions. 

• The Program must be paid for in advance. 
• Each coaching session lasts up to one hour. 
• Late arrivals are entitled to the remainder of the hour only. 
• 24 hours’ notice is required for cancelling or re-scheduling a session, otherwise the session will be forfeited. 
• Sessions not used within six months of initial payment will be forfeited by the client, no reimbursement will be made. 
Access to the App costs €10 per month after your initial coaching has finished.  

Breath Training for Sport with Leo Daniel Ryan - The Breathing Coach 

Leo Ryan breathing exercise from  the Oxygen Advantage Masterclass workshop
Oxygen Advantage Masterclass workshop
Training students at the Oxygen Advantage Masterclass workshop
Leo Ryan from Innate Strength
Míchéal McCarthy  All Ireland Senior Champion, Dublin, 2011, St. Sylvesters GAA

I was able to finish out the season so strong and probably had the best season I had in the last 6/7 years.   

The breathing technique helped me gain cardiovascular fitness far quicker than the what I had previously been doing. Leo's way of coaching was strict, sharp and to the point. No messing and thats what exactly has prolonged my career to date. Thanks Leo. 
Míchéal McCarthy 
All Ireland Senior Champion, Dublin, 2011, St. Sylvesters GAA 
Ben Fletcher. Irish Judo Champion 2020

His methods although different to anything I had used before are making and will make big improvements   

The benefits I have felt from the breathwork are a general feeling of less anxiety and stress. Being more focused and alert and feeling more prepared in a cardiovascular sense before training. 
Ben Fletcher 
Irish Judo Olympian 2020  
Thomas Moran  Irish Masters International Sprinter & Asthmatic

It became quickly apparent that Leo has a thorough understanding of physiology, strength and conditioning training and sports science  

I have to say that this is one of the best things I have ever tried and has had a tremendous positive impact on my life and health on many levels including both a reduction in my symptoms and a higher capacity for endurance training. I'm looking forward to learning more! 
Thomas Moran 
Irish Masters International Sprinter & Asthmatic  
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