Are you slow to start your game, sluggish throughout your sport or have poor endurance levels? 


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You can train smarter, harder and for longer by learning to incorporate the Oxygen Advangate® Sports Breathing into your game. I can teach you. Then you’ll have the skills you need to focus and empower yourself to a new level of sports performance. 
By incorporating the Oxygen Advantage®into your training you will increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body. 
In this Athlete Master Class you will learn to become efficient with your energy by optimising your breath for sport. 

The Benefits of Oxygen Advantage® include: 

Increased exercise intensity while expending less effort and breathing less heavily 
Simulated High Altitude Training 
to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity 
Energy Levels 
Mental Focus 
Becoming a fitter and stronger athlete 
The Masterclass will give you an understanding of how oxygen is released throughout the body and how to improve everyday breathing habits so that body oxygenation becomes more efficient. 

Learn to optimize your breathing for sport, eliminate the 2nd wind and go for longer with the  Oxygen Advantage® Athlete Masterclass. 

Come join me, I can teach you to endure and be stronger for longer with optimal breathing patterns. 

In this workshop you’ll learn to: 

Breathe optimally 
Start faster in sport 
Delay the aerobic threshold and fatigue 
Altitude train from your home 
Stay calm in high pressured situations 
Sleep well and recover from training 

Tools you’ll develop include: 

Simulated High Altitude Training 
Delaying the onset of lactic acid and increase your Aerobic Threshold. 
Learn to secrete your innate EPO for better endurance. 
Endure longer at higher intensities than the competition. 


Arrive 15mins early to register 
Welcome and registration 
Baseline measurements 
CO2 tolerance training 
Simulated High Altitude Training 
Recovery Breathing 
Closing Circle 

Price €100.00 

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All Registrations are non-refundable, *except in special circumstances. 
Registrants who do not show up or who cancel forfeit their full fee. 
In special circumstances a transfer can be applied if notification is received at least two weeks prior to the workshop. Transfers, in these special circumstances, only are valid for 1 year or the next due course in your locality. Transfers are subject to a €50 transfer fee due upon transfer. 
*If there is an emergency, email Refunds and transfers for emergencies will be made on a case by case basis. If the course has to be cancelled by Innate-Strength, participants will have the option to receive a full refund on course fees or re-schedule. 
Leo Ryan breathing exercise from  the Oxygen Advantage Masterclass workshop
Oxygen Advantage Masterclass workshop
Training students at the Oxygen Advantage Masterclass workshop
Leo Ryan from Innate Strength
Ross Hazley

Leo’s breathwork has made a significant difference to my athletic performance  

Following a long term injury, Leo’s overall training approach gave me a great platform and foundation for returning to full fitness and I couldn’t recommend him enough. 
Ross Hazley 
Senior footballer 
Seán Kinane   Owner of Health Matters

It was plain to see the knowledge and belief he had in his methods  

Leo has a deep understanding in the science behind what he does and is living proof just how powerful it can be, he is a great coach who is committed to improving the health of his clients and an overall good guy who I thoroughly enjoy working alongside. 
Seán Kinane 
Owner of Health Matters 
Thomas Moran Irish Masters International Sprinter & Asthmatic
This is one of the best things I have ever tried and has had a tremendous positive impact on my life and health 
When I saw the course advertised, I was keen to learn more. I wasn't disappointed. It became quickly apparent that not only does Leo have an in-depth knowledge of the breathing techniques but also a thorough understanding of physiology, strength and conditioning training and sports science which allows him to coach the subject in a very clear and personal manner. 
Thomas Moran Irish Masters International Sprinter & Asthmatic 
Oxygen Advantage® Athlete Masterclass - Host a Master Class in your Home Town 


I understand I can unsubscribe at anytime. 


Learn to optimize your breathing for sport, eliminate the 2nd wind and go for longer with the Oxygen Advantage® Athlete Masterclass. 

Price €100.00 

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