Leo Here, 
I have written a book! It's been a long time coming.  
The book is a compilation of my knowledge and experience of Breath Training for Health. Trust me, there's nothing like this one on the market yet. It's a deeper dive than James Nestor's "Breath" and it has a broader perspective than the "Oxygen Advantage" or "Wim Hof Method".  
In Breathe Free, I explain: 
• How modern society has affected our physical and mental health 
• How the breath is mirror for the health of our whole body 
• The affects of adapted breathing on our health 
• The Innate Strength Framework for training your breath and restoring health to your body 
It's littered with stories from my own life, testimonials of clients and interviews from some big names in industry like: Patrick McKeown, Wim Hof, Brian MacKenzie, Jill Miller and more. 
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