Become BOTH  an Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor an Innate-Strength Breathing Coach  Train Smarter to Play Harder 

A unique program to train coaches and therapists to optimise breathing patterns and athletic performance. 

Tools you’ll develop include: 

Eliminate the notorious 2nd wind. 
Remain calm and focused in competition 
Endure Higher Intensities for Longer 
Secrete your innate Nitric Oxide & EPO 
Simulate High Altitude Training 
Train smarter 
Improve your Aerobic Base 
Delay the onset of lactic acid 

Why become BOTH an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor & an Innate-Strength Breath Coach?: 

Oxygen Advantage® Instructor 
Innate-Strength Breath Coach 
Receive direct tuition in OA from Patrick McKeown (Founder) via zoom. 
Receive online support from fellow certified instructors around the world. 
Enjoy trademark status in Europe, North America and Australia when teaching the method. 
Enjoy the full use of OA marketing materials and logos. 
Become featured on the Oxygen Advantage® website. 
Receive discounts and affiliate status for OA merchandise.  
Receive direct mentorship from Leo (OA Master Instructor and Wim Hof Method, Level 2) 
Learn a deeper level of neurobiology, functional anatomy and physiology. 
Learn the science and practice of Heightened Breathwork, a seperate form of breathing to OA.  
Learn a braoder variety of breathing techniques for more effective results.  
Learn to relate all breathing techniques with each other using a framework for breathing, called the Breathing Continuum. 
Learn the Innate-Strenth Breathing Level System for sports performance. 
Become a world-class breathing coach with the ability to apply your skills in all health and performance domains.  
Optimise your athletes and clients breathing to improve their fitness 
Become an Oxygen Advantage®Instructor  
During this 3 day intensive course you’ll learn the science behind the method and learn to teach it to your clients effectively. 

Benefits of the program to your clients: 

Delays the onset of lactic acid 
Improve aerobic performance 
Strengthens breathing muscles 
Reduce breathlessness during exercise 
Reduces Exercise Induced Asthma 
Improves sleep and day time breathing patterns 

Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Workshop 

Date: 18-20 October 2019 (attend all 3 days) 
Time: 9.30am-5pm daily 
Address: UCD, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland. 
Instructors: Patrick McKeown and Leo Ryan 

Price: *€895  

*Normal price €995 (Save €100 when you register with the Innate-Strength discount coupon. Coupon OADUBLIN10 must be entered at registration to avail of the discount) 
Click on the Coupon to Register and save €100 when you enter the Innate-Strength Discount Coupon: 

Click on Location to book an upcoming workshops or to register your interest in attending a workshop near you!  


All Registrations are non-refundable, *except in special circumstances. 
Registrants who do not show up or who cancel forfeit their full fee. 
In special circumstances a transfer can be applied if notification is received at least two weeks prior to the workshop. Transfers, in these special circumstances, only are valid for 1 year or the next due course in your locality. Transfers are subject to a €50 transfer fee due upon transfer. 
*If there is an emergency, email Refunds and transfers for emergencies will be made on a case by case basis. If the course has to be cancelled by Innate-Strength, participants will have the option to receive a full refund on course fees or re-schedule. 
Host an Instructor Program in your club, studio or gym 


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