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Breathe for Freedom 

Posted on 30th September 2021  
The Wolf Brothers Podcast - Leo Daniel Ryan Breathe for Freedom
The Wolf Brothers Podcast 

The Power of Breath Training for Workout Recovery 

Posted on 8th September 2021  
Just Fly Performance Podcsts
Just Fly Performance Podcast 

Take My Breath Away 

Posted on 14th April 2021  
The Cure Podcast - Leo Daniel Ryan Take My Breath Away
The Cure Podcast 

Breathing for Tennis 

Posted on 16th March 2021  
Functional Tennis Webinar 

Breathing for Better Health 

Posted on 15th February 2021  
Optimise your Life Podcast 

My Marathon Breathing Experience 

Posted on 12th February 2021  
Rebel Runners Podcast 

Freezbrury & Wim Hof 

Posted on 7th February 2021  
Larry Doyle Podcast. 

The Convergance of Cold Exposure, Breath and Physical Training  

Posted on 17th January 2021 
Flowswitch Podcast 

Breath Training, The overlooked essential  

Posted on 20th December 2020  
Larry Doyle Podcast 

Sports Performance Breathing 

Posted on 5th October 2020  
Just Fly Performance Podcast 
Episode name: Sports Performance Breathing with Leo Ryan 

Judo & Breathing   

Posted on 10th September 2020  
Leo is the founder and head coach of Drogheda Academy of Judo and Innate Strength. He is a Health Performance and Breathing Specialist. We'll be chatting about judo, his approach to training and in particular- breathing methods that can certainly benefit your Judo`s life 

Coaching Philosophies and the Breathing Continuum 

Posted on 2nd September 2019  
Alex Collins, from AC life Coach interviews Leo on this show to discuss breathing methods, including Buteyko and Wim Hof, and to dissect and dig deeper into Leo's philosophies, attitudes, principles, beliefs and mindsets and tries to understand how he excel and drive forward in life. 

Breathing 101 - why you need to breath train (2)  

Posted on 5th August 2020  
Fitness Rebel Radio 

The Art of Breathing for health, endurance sport and recovery 

Posted on 5th August 2020  
In this eposode of the Podcast Pushing Limits chat with Leo Ryan on all things breathing and breath work. We chat through the Wim Hof, cold exposure, mental state, nasal v's mouth breathing and so much more.  

Breathing Techniques to become your own Health Hero 

Posted on 2nd August 2019  
Did you know that you can cure yourself of asthma? Did you know that this is possible simply through the power of breathing techniques? In today’s episode we welcome to the show Leo Ryan, one of the world’s leading Health Performance and Breathing Specialists. 

Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage or Wim Hof - which should I choose?  

Posted on 18th June 2019  
Leo Ryan discusses Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage and the Wim Hof Method, Leo discusses when to choose Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage or Wim Hof Method in a Podcast with We Move Magazine. 

The Power of Breathing (1)  

Posted on 7th June 2020  
Fitness Rebel Radio 

Overcoming Asthma and Breathing for Performance 

Posted on 18th June 2019  
We Move Magazine logo
Overcoming Asthma. 
Leo Ryan discusses in a podcast with We Move Magazine how he overcame asthma through breathing techniques and how these techniques can improve athletic performance. 

Keystones of Health 

Posted on 9th May 2020  
If you’re interested in the keystones of health, then take a listen to my recent podcast with Eoin Dobbins on The Dobcast. Click below to hear the full podcast 

The LiveUltra Podcast with Jack Middleton #5 

Posted on 30th April 2020  
Jack is taking on the Marathon Des Sables in 2020 and he came to me looking for the breathing edge. One thing led to the next and he arrived up to the house to record this podcast for you guys. Click below to hear the full podcast. 

Energy strategies for entrepreneur’s and executives 

Posted on 25th April 2020  
Enjoy my latest podcast with James McCormack, the Modern Day Entrepreneur. We discuss all things breathing and health for entrepreneur’s and corporate people. Click below to hear the full podcast. 
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