Price: $110 
All the breathing tools you need, one low price. 
Bought seperately, all these tools would cost you $152, save 30% with the Starter Pack 
Breathe better with the Buteyko Belt 
Use Myotape to sleep soundly 
Track progress with a Contec Pulse Oximeter 
Open your airways using a Nasal Dilator 
Get the Oxygen Advantage with the Sportsmask 
....& look the part with some OA merchandise  



Price: $25 
Reduce snoring and sleep soundly.  


Price: $25 
Enjoy the benefits of healthy breathing during sport. 


Price: $25 
Feel your diaphragm and breathe freely.  


Price: $28 
Track your exercise progress.  


Price: $50 
Take your training to next level focus and endurance. 


What is MYOTAPE? 
MYOTAPE is a simple support designed to keep your mouth closed during sleep. It can be used by anyone over the age of 4 years to restore the habit of nose breathing. Unlike other mouth tapes MYOTAPE doesn’t cover the mouth. Instead, it surrounds the lips, reminding the muscles of the face to close the mouth. MYOTAPE — Safe. Sleep. Science. 
MYOTAPE Helps Stop Unhealthy Nocturnal Mouth Breathing — So You Feel Great All Day 
Make the switch to nose breathing during sleep to experience deeper, more restful sleep, and reduced mouth snoring and sleep apnea. When you sleep better, your body recovers faster. You feel relaxed, in control and energized. 
MYOTAPE Reduces Chronic Stress and Stress-Related Illness 
MYOTAPE prevents the nocturnal mouth breathing that triggers your fight or flight response and contributes to hyperarousal and insomnia. 
When you breathe efficiently through the nose, heart rate decreases, stress hormone levels decline and heart rate variability - an important indicator of resilience - improves. Use MYOTAPE to switch to full-time nose breathing and wake up ready to handle everything life throws your way. 

Buteyko Belt 

Buteyko Belt – Because Healthy Breathing is From Your Diaphragm 
Healthy breathing is from the diaphragm. But new, positive habits take time to build. And the diaphragm, like any other muscle, needs strengthening and conditioning. 
Wear the Buteyko Belt at home or at work to help correct shallow, upper chest breathing. While you get on with your day, the belt gently connects with your diaphragm to increase lung capacity, improve breathing muscle function and calm your mind. 
Buteyko Belt – Simply Effortless Breathing 
The Buteyko Belt is custom-made to support your Oxygen Advantage® practice. Available in 3 sizes, simply fit the belt round your trunk to encourage easy diaphragm breathing. The gentle resistance reduces your breathing volume— enhancing your health from a biochemical, biomechanical and psychological standpoint. 
Breathe Deep, Breathe Easy, Day and Night 
The Buteyko Belt supports healthy, effortless breathing. Wear at night to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, or during the day to improve symptoms of stress, anxiety, asthma, and other airway conditions. 
Make Friends with Your Diaphragm 
The diaphragm is your main breathing muscle. It also plays an important role in core strength, functional movement, emotional regulation and sexual function. A weak diaphragm can cause lower back pain, poor balance and pelvic problems. 
The Buteyko Belt helps you engage and strengthen this amazing muscle, for healthy breathing and healthy movement. Get to know your diaphragm the easy way, with the Buteyko Belt. 
* Available in 3 sizes for best fit, the Buteyko belt comes with full instructions for use. 


Life is one continuous thread of events. It is sewn into your brain and body through your nervous system and it manifests as your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  


SportsMask: Take Your Workout to the Next Level 
Want to toughen up your workout for the ultimate performance boost? Get SportsMask. 
SportsMask is a training mask that allows you to benefit from intensive exercise for longer, with less risk of physical injury. It adds a load to breathing for diaphragm strength. And it increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air you breathe, causing powerful physiological adaptations. 
SportsMask: When the Going Gets Tough, You’re Ready. 
SportsMask is a training device that pushes your breathing to the next level. It adds a variable load to breathing that strengthens the breathing muscles. Use it with breath holds to simulate high altitude training, and to improve your tolerance to carbon dioxide, delaying breathlessness. 
Trusted by elite athletes and emergency personnel alike, SportsMask ensures that when the going gets tough, you’re already prepared. 
Enhance Your Performance, Power & Endurance with SportsMask 
Created by Oxygen Advantage founder and author, Patrick McKeown, SportsMask is designed with science in mind. SportsMask builds strength in your breathing muscles, supporting physical power, functional movement and endurance. It creates adaptations in your body’s response to breathing biochemistry, which translates into greater stamina. Used with exercises to simulate training at high altitude, it can boost EPO and hematocrit and increase anaerobic capacity. Ready to take your training to the next level? Get SportsMask. 
Want a High Intensity Workout? Add SportsMask to Your Training 
SportsMask adds a challenge to breathing. Think training at high altitude, pushing through your VO2max, finding your edge. 
The added resistance to breathing created by the adjustable vent means you can work intensively, without the risk of over training. Boost your breathing in the gym and experience the benefits on the track. Add SportsMask to your workout. 


MYOTAPE Sport. Superpower Your Sports Performance and Recovery 
Mouth breathing during training makes airways more vulnerable to exercise-induced asthma, allergens, and respiratory infection. It limits the amount of oxygen that gets to your blood, starving your working muscles of energy. 
At night, mouth breathing causes sleep-disordered breathing. Poor quality sleep is proven to take the edge off your game, mentally and physically. 
MYOTAPE Sport restores full time nasal breathing — for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. You’ll have more energy and stamina, better sleep and better airway health. 
MYOTAPE Sport, For Nose Breathing During Exercise 
When you breathe only through your nose during physical exercise, your body experiences performance-enhancing changes. But it’s not always easy to keep your mouth shut when exercise intensifies. 
MYOTAPE Sport is a training support designed to encourage nasal breathing. It sticks to your skin, even when you work up a sweat. 
Enjoy more efficient breathing and better oxygenation. Balance your nervous system and clear your mind. Get ahead of the competition with MYOTAPE Sport. 
A Training Support for Exceptional Performance 
MYOTAPE Sport is custom-built to encourage nose breathing during exercise. This patented lip tape perfectly complements the exercises in The Oxygen Advantage®. It encourages efficient, performance-enhancing nasal breathing — even during intensive training. And because it doesn’t cover your mouth, you can still communicate and hydrate. 
Add MYOTAPE Sport to your gym kit. And get the Oxygen Advantage. 
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