Connect Deeply to Yourself, Nature & Others 

Utilize a specialised breathing technique, mindset and cold space exposure to avoid burnout and connect fully with life 
Basic Breathing 
2 Minute Ice Bath 
Focus and Horse Stance 
Power Breathing 
Multiple Ice Baths 
Mindset and Focus 
Friends and Family 
Sports Teams 
Breathe deeply and fully  
Oxygenate your cells 
Control your Nervous System 
Improve your immune system 
Avoid Burnout 
Improve Mental Health 
Build resilience - 
Reconnect your Body and Mind 
Improve your focus 
Visualise health & success for you 
Use gradual cold exposure to improve your immune function, balance your hormones, raise your energy and build resilience. 

 Come join me, I can teach you to be healthy, strong and happy again.  


The Wim Hof Breathing technique transforms you within one session.  
Breathe well - think well - live well 
Breathe > change your pH > slow your brain waves > meditate deeply > feel amazing 


Layer mindset techniques on top of your new state to magnify your results of relaxation and new found energy.  


Challenge your new found skills with the stresses of an ice bath.  
Learn to breathe and soften into the cold.  
Become aware of your innate strength and harness it to live a greater life.  

In these workshops you’ll learn to: 

Breathe deeply and fully. 
Improve your focus. 
Visualise health and success for you. 
Use gradual cold exposure to improve your immune function, balance your hormones and raise your energy. 

What you will get: 

An amazing experience! 
Learn breathing to energize you 
Connecting breath and movement 
Relaxation in the ice! 

Fundamentals Workshop Schedule: 

Arrive 15mins early to register 
Welcome and registration 
Intro’s & Ice breakers 
WHM Breathing 
Focus and Horse Stance 
Ice, Ice baby bath 
Warming up with a hot cuppa 
Questions and Closing Circle 
Time: 3-4 hours approx 

One Day Retreat Schedule: 

Arrive 15mins early to register 
Welcome and registration 
Intro’s & Ice breakers 
Experience x2 extra POWER Breathing techniques 
Enjoy a delicious lunch 
MULTIPLE Ice Bath Immersions 
Advanced Recovery 
Questions and Closing Circle 
Time: 6 hours 


All Registrations are non-refundable, *except in special circumstances. 
Registrants who do not show up or who cancel forfeit their full fee. 
In special circumstances a transfer can be applied if notification is received at least two weeks prior to the workshop. Transfers, in these special circumstances, only are valid for 1 year or the next due course in your locality. Transfers are subject to a €50 transfer fee due upon transfer. 
*If there is an emergency, email Refunds and transfers for emergencies will be made on a case by case basis. If the course has to be cancelled by Innate-Strength, participants will have the option to receive a full refund on course fees or re-schedule. 
Ice Bath Cold Therapy
The Wim Hof Breathing Method
Leo Ryan Certified Wim Hof Method instructor
Leo enjoying an Ice Bath
Leo’s WHM workshop was top class, very intimate and a great way to spend the weekend. Leo’s knowledge is second to none and it was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done and would highly recommend. 
Kevin Morris  
I’m high on my own supply after that session with you. Thanks a mill for pulling us all together to experience it. Your knowledge of other breathwork brings a really interesting experience to the table" 
The cold has always been an issue for me so having survived an ice bath without shivering is a game changer. 
It was a great group, and I liked the way you used our reasons for being there as your way to explain the method rather than telling it all at the same time. 
Overall it was a fantastic experience, and I feel like I have pushed myself to a place I never thought I would go, and now I feel like I could do anything. The first step now, off to the sea. 
Audrey. Executive 
Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshops - Host a workshop in your Home Town 
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