Liberate your body, mind and spirit 

All around the globe, people are asking: How can we transcend the stresses of the modern world, and live the great life we desire? 
The answer begins right under your nose. 
Learn to breathe freely again. 
Breathe free. Breathe well. Love Life 

Unlock the transformative benefits of the book: 

Unveil the web connected life, stress, and the very essence of your breath. 
Dive into the intricate dance between your breath and your physical, mental, and emotional realms. 
Rediscover your innate breath, guided by the world’s pioneering integrated breath training programme. 
“There are a lot of breathing books out there (I have read most of them)…Breathe Free contains a lot of information – and deep knowledge – that does not appear in any other breathing book. 
His insights into the human experience, and his vast repertoire of techniques, methods, and most importantly, principles, make this book unique. Leo Ryan has written a primer for breathwork and breath training that I believe will be considered the authoritative textbook on the subject.” 
Dr. Eric Serrano MD 

7 Transformative benefits of Breathing Free are: 

1. Knowing a subtle breath 
2. Dissolve fear, panic, anxiety and the need to breathe 
3. Emerge from chronic illness into vibrant health 
4. Cultivate resilience and sustained vitality 
5. Embrace clarity, strength, and calm amid life’s pressures 
6. Elevate sports performance and prolong excellence 
7. Unveil the potential for a life of greatness 

Within these pages, you’ll delve into:  

The intertwining of breath, life, and stress 
• A blueprint for strengthening your body, mind, and spirit 
• Unveiling the mechanics, physiology and psychology of breath 
• The relationship between your breath, health, and disease states 
• An expert-led training programme to breathe free, including assessments, goals, and standards of quality breathing 
• Synergistic breathing and lifestyle habits 
• Achieving peak performance through life-enhancing breathing 

Reclaim Vitality and Wellness 

Are you regularly stressed, sick, and tired? 
Is asthma, long-covid or other respiratory issues your constant companion? 

Your Path to Vibrant Health 

The path to health and vitality lies within your grasp. 
It is a journey requiring commitment, dedication, and a profound desire to change. For, in the realm of human existence, health flows naturally. 
This book serves as the perfect guide for such a journey. 

Unmasking the Unhealthy Modern Era 

Why are we so unhealthy nowadays? 
As a society, we are physically, mentally and spiritually weaker than ever before. 
Unlike our ancestors, we are burdened by polluted air, depleted nutrition, sedentary living, information overload, and a slew of new stress, spawning ill-health and disease. 
The root lies in our breath, the core of our being, which has adapted to this chaotic rhythm. 
When our very life force - our breath, the bedrock of our physical existence – adapts with this modern way of life, we find ourselves on the brink of profound imbalance. 

All for the want of his breath 

A 13th Century Poem adapted by Leo Daniel Ryan 

For want of a breath, his natural centre was lost. 
For want of his natural centre, his health was lost. 
For want of his health, his mindset was lost. 
For want of his mindset, his behaviours were lost. 
For want of his behaviours, his goals in life were lost. 
For want of his goals, his desire for a better future was lost. 
For want of his desire for a better future, meaning in his life was lost. 
For want of meaning in his life, he became lost. 
All for the want of his breath. 
Start the journey to forging a healthy body, a strong mind, and a great life. 
Build your greatest life, beginning with the tinniest of sparks that blaze a trail of transformation – one breath at a time. Your breath holds the key, a guide to shape your inner existence. 
Unlock the potential within. Train your breath to unleash a wave of vitality. 
Breathe Free, Nurture wellness, and embrace life’s beauty. 

Breathe Free Book Tour Leo will be travelling the country on a Book Tour visiting towns throughout Ireland, each session will include a talk, Q&A and book signing. 

Breathe Free Book Tour 

Key insights will be highlighted from the book....  
Learn how life adapts the breath 
Harness the power of breath training 
Have your questions answered by Leo 
Have your book signed  


Thank you for everybody that attended the 2023 tour.  
In 2024, I'll be hosting the tour on an invite basis.  
If you'd like me to come and speak at your workplace, sports-team or community, please email me at: 

 The tour is free and spaces are limited, so make sure to book your place today 

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