Stress effects people with ADHD dramatically. Over time, this stress load can build up on people with ADHD to become anxiety and restlessness. Deep breathing techniques have been shown to counteract the effects of stress and help people with ADHD to relax. By reducing stress and relieving anxiety this can be a huge win for people with ADHD 
I understand running is not for everyone. Whether you struggle to run 100 yards, a 5 or 15km route that’s ok. Everybody struggles at some point with running. So what’s the point in running?  
If you’ve been following the Innate Strength Socials, you may have noticed that I undertook a 30-day Oxygen Advantage Breath Training Challenge. The reason I took on the challenge was to take my performance to the next level. I set out with the intention of improving my fitness levels, my ability to think clearly under pressure, and to improve resilience in mind and body. Although my progress was stalled due to sickness, there were a whole host of valuable insights gained within the 30 days. 
Back in 2002, a new research recruit was welcomed to Dr. Justin Feinstein’s neurophychology lab. This recruit had a peculiar condition which affected her ability to feel fear. The condition affected the amygdala – the area in the brain where fear is thought to originate. Up to this point in 2002, both life and researchers had tried to illicit a fear response from her without success. She had been exposed to experiences of sexual, emotional, mental and physical abuse without even a flinch from her. All of the experiences left her emotionless. They were akin to watching a kettle boil for her - nothing.  
The Christmas Bulge is inevitable, right? Everybody I know appears to put on at least ½ stone over the Christmas period every year. I mean, come on., it stands to reason that eating all that pudding and drinking all that booze is bound to result in weight gain. There’s just no escape... or is there? 
Disruption to your sleep, snoring, increased daily blood sugars, stress and anxiety are just some of the symptoms from chronic mouth breathing all day and at night. But is all mouth breathing bad for you? 
Life throws curve balls at us the whole time. There are large ones that really knock us off centre and there are small ones. The small ones are the curve balls which put us off our game on a daily basis and create the idea of the daily grind. 
Reading Time: 3-5 mins 
Exercise Time: 5-6 mins 
You can read all the books, listen to all the podcasts and delve into the scientific literature all you like but the only way you are going to know if Breath Training works for you is if you experience it for yourself. In my life experience, I have come to know that Breathing really Works. Breathing can enhance performance up to 110% in just 3 minutes. I’ll prove it to you by giving you the test protocol at the end of this article. 

It’s been one month since #Big4in24. In the last post, I told you about the practicalities of the Challenge. This time around I want to delve into the learnings I took onboard from such a magnificent event. A month filled with the usual hum drum of life combined with my attempts to reflect on and learn from the Challenge. The #Big4in24 taught me a lot and so it has taken some time to understand the finer lessons buried within it. I think I’ve filtered through it all, understood it and begun to apply those lessons back into my every day. For it’s in my every day life beyond the Challenge where the gold lies. Here are 6 insights from #Big4in24 gleaned from my journaling and reflection on the event. 

On September 4th 2021 a group of guys and I decided to take on climbing the 4 Peaks of Ireland in 24 hours. We named the event #Big4in24. Here’s our account of what the challenge is. In my next blog post I’ll tell you all about what I learned from the event. 

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