Leo Ryan discusses Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage and the Wim Hof Method 

Leo Ryan discusses when to choose Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage or Wim Hof Method in a Podcast with We Move Magazine 
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On 18th August 2020 at 11:51, Leo Daniel wrote:
Hi Gloria,
Thanks for the comment.
The WHM (yes breathing and in particular the cold exposure) can be too potent a stimulus for someone with Raynaud's. It's like asking a person that hasn't ran in 15 years to perform sprints - it can be much too soon.

I recommend people with Raynaud's focus on a way to directly open the capillaries of the blood CV system before they use methods like WHM.
On 17th August 2020 at 22:35, Gloria Barry wrote:
Hi, I just listened to this podcast with We Move Magazine and I found it very interesting. I have a question which I would grateful if you could answer. You say that you wouldn't recommend the Wim Hof method to someone with Raynaud's disease and I'm wondering why that is.
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