Build on your OA® Advanced Instructor certification with the Innate Strength Master Breath Coaching Certification Broaden and deepen your knowledge of breathing to include breathwork and breathing for athletic performance. 

How will the Innate Strength® Master Breath Coach Cert benefit my clients? 

You develop a more individualised approach for clients 
You can achieve faster results for clients 
You become highly competent at assessing and restoring any clients breathing system. 
You can apply breathwork excellently to benefits your client’s life and sporting performance. 

What will I learn during the course? 

How to generate faster results for clients using the Innate-Strength breathing framework. 
Application of Manual Therapy and Movement based breathing techniques to restore your clients breathing tissues more quickly. 
A deep understanding of rhythmical breathing patterns, like Wim Hof Breathing for mental and physical health, including: the human performance pyramid, neurobiology of stress, the connection between stress and breathing, the connection between trauma and breathing. 
How to apply the Innate-Strength Breathing Level System for integrating breathing in sport, including: advanced training techniques, competition breathing, warm up, and cool down. 
The role of breath training in physical preparation programming. 
How breathing integrates with energy system demands, strength and nutrition with the Integrated Training Continuum’s. 

Join the IS® Coaching Community and you’ll receive: 

The Innate Strength Master Breath Coach certificate 
Access to the Innate Strength training app. 
All recorded classes on playback. 
Zoom Continuing Education webinars for instructors. 
Live Monthly Q+A’s with Leo online. 
hard and soft copies of the IS® training manual. 
Innate Strength Marketing images, logos and designs. 

What is the certification process? 

Attend the training with Leo. 
Pass the exam 
Attend 10 breathwork sessions from different instructors 
Complete 5 case studies on practice clients. 
Host 5 breathwork sessions 

Price for Innate Strength® Master Breath Coach certification alone €995  

  Combo Certification (OA® and IS®) €1490.00  

Get In Touch 

I have a ton of experience and knowledge developing health, strong and fitness for people like you. I wanted to get my message out to more people which is why I created Innate Strength. I know you can be healthier, stronger and fitter when you train the Innate Strength way. The training programs and events are designed with your Vision in mind and no matter where you are in the world, I can now be your personal trainer. 
Whether you’re looking for customised coaching or you have a burning question form, please get in touch by using the form below. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, email me directly at  


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