Breath Training Foundations 

Over 16 Weeks you develop every aspect of your breath, one phase at a time, together with lifestyle habits. 
The result is better breathing, enhanced health, strength and fitness. 
BTF is delivered to you through the awesome Innate Strength App to make life easy for you and strengthen your whole experience. 
Just €59.99 


We all do it, every minute of every day. 
Breathe in, breathe out…’s as simple as that right? 
Why then have so many different breathing methods become so popular? 
In recent years, doctors, scientists, elite athletes and navy SEALS have turned to Breath Training for its amazing benefits. 
Breathing Better! 
Sleeping more peacefully 
Decreased inflammation 
Feeling Great 
Better Mental health and clarity 
An ability to focus and concentrate for longer 
Enhanced Performance 
If you're thinking ‘I want those benefits, how can I get them?’ then Breath Training Foundations is the programme for you.  
A lot of breathing techniques out there just straight to "just breathe better" without giving people the tools to empower themselves to do so. This can lead to the creation of bad habits and do more harm than good. So, what should you do? 
I had the same question many years ago. It took me down a path of certifying in four different methods, researching over 100 techniques and mentoring with some of the best in the business. Then I discovered something amazing. I realised that Breathing is a training modality, just like strength and fitness. It fits the same principles as physical training and anyone with enough drive can reap the results. BTF has been developed to help you lay the foundations of a healthier breath that will positively impact your life.  
I see private clients every week in-person and online. 
From olympic judoka to recreational sports people, 
Adventure seekers to strength athletes and 
Physiotherapists to personal trainers. 
They all have two things in common: 
They are fitness enthusiasts who understand the value of training. 
They don’t breathe as well as they could. 
Some have mental health problems like fear, panic or anxiety; others have a respiratory dis-ease such as asthma; most people appear to breathe fine but they come to me looking to enhance performance. 
Either way I know they can all find huge benefits in breath training. 

This is where Breath Training Foundations come in! 

BTF Goals: 
Know how to Assess your breath. 
Phase 1: Free up the mechanics of your breathing system. 
Phase 2: Use breathing rhythms to reset your body and mind to a state of peace. 
Phase 3: Train Breath Holding techniques to build resilience in your breathing system. 
Develop your ability to nasal breathe during the day, while sleeping and in exercise. 
BTF Benefits to you: 
Create a calm, subtle and imperceptible resting breath. 
Enhance mental and physical health with breath training. 
Improve endurance. 
Recover faster. 
BTF is the only 16-Week Breath Training Program in the world.  
It develops every aspect of your breath, one phase at a time, together with lifestyle habits. 
The result is better breathing, enhanced health, strength and fitness. 
Only €59.99 
See the FAQ below if you want to know more about the Program before you buy. 

Coaching Upgrade 

BTF covers everything you need to develop your own breath. Start the program first to find out just how good it is. The programme also includes access to the facebook support group (*I’ll be on hand here to answer as many questions as possible along with the rest of the community). 
Sometimes, people want a little extra personal guidance along the way. This is where a coach, like me, comes in. If you want that extra guidance, then you should consider a coaching upgrade at any time during the program. 
Option A €75  
A 60 minute 1-to-1 coaching call with Leo. 
Option B €195 
(€65 per session) 
Three 60 minute 1-to-1 coaching calls with Leo. 

F.A.Q’s for Breathe Training Foundations 

BTF is a structured program to improve your breathing, enhance your health and improve your performance. Breathing is the foundation of all health practices and yet not many people do it well. This program will guide you through everything you need to know to train your own breathing system effectively. 
This is an Online Self-Directed Training Program. It is designed to empower you to restore your breathing system and improve your health, strength and fitness. You should expect an assessment, breath training program, some breathing metrics, lifestyle habits, coaching guidance and a community to support you on your journey. 
Everything is delivered through the Innate Strength app, a facebook community and the odd email. 
You need to be able to access the facebook community for group support, otherwise you will miss out on this support. 
To reap the rewards of the Program you need to train frequently, undertake the habit challenges diligently, record your results on the app, engage positively with the community and enjoy your experience. Training only works when you work at it. 
Generally, dedicated people complete the Project in 3 months. For others it may take up to 6 months or even a year. It all depends on your application to training and ingraining the new lifestyle. 
The program is structured to give you time to train and adapt in each phase of training. Phase 1 is three weeks, phase 2 is five weeks and phase three is six weeks long. 
You have full access to the program for 4 months. Within that time, you can download the whole program and have a hard copy for yourself. If you wish to continue to access the program after 4 months you can extend your access via the website. The cost is €10 per month for extended access. 
Step one: log into the members area of the website via your web browser. Fill out all forms. 
Step two: Tomorrow, complete the vision and goals documents together with the questionnaires. You will find these on the same members area. 
Step three: Join the facebook group. Download the app and get training from the next day. 
Send all questions to the FB group. Leo will be there. He answers many questions personally and conducts some FB Lives to enhance your experience. 
Yes 1-1 personal training for breathing is possible with Leo. Personal training completely customises the experience to your needs with coaching support. 
Click here to upgrade. Just know that Leo’s time is limited and there may be a waiting list. 
I show you how to train your Level 1 breathing in BTF. There’s too much to cover in one program for level 2 and 3 breathing. There will be a sports performance breathing program very soon. It will include advanced training techniques for the development of your breathing system as well as teaching you how to use that system for training and sport. 
Disclaimer: The Breath Training Foundations is a non-refundable purchase. 
Training Just Got Easier 
Download The App 
Enjoy a Stronger Training Experience 

Get In Touch 

I have a ton of experience and knowledge developing health, strong and fitness for people like you. I wanted to get my message out to more people which is why I created Innate Strength. I know you can be healthier, stronger and fitter when you train the Innate Strength way. The training programs and events are designed with your Vision in mind and no matter where you are in the world, I can now be your personal trainer. 
Whether you’re looking for customised coaching or you have a burning question form, please get in touch by using the form below. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, email me directly at  


Seán Kinane   Owner of Health Matters

I have worked in the health industry for many years and even now I feel like there's not enough emphasis put on how you breathe   

When you realise the main cause of any illness is stress, that's when breathing comes in...I can now assess how my body is feeling / recovering from my breathing alone. 
Martha Moussally 
Personal Trainer and Masters Athlete  
Tyler Desplanter

Leo is committed not only to improving my respiratory function, but doing so in a manner that helps me to meet my other goals in my life  

Whether you want to improve your asthma, walk up stairs without breathing hard, or improve your breathing for athletic endeavours, I highly recommend working with Leo. 
Tyler Desplenter, Ph.D. 
Ontario Strongman 
Micheal McCarthy

I was able to finish out the season so strong and probably had the best season I had in the last 6/7 years.   

The breathing technique helped me gain cardiovascular fitness far quicker than the what I had previously been doing. Leo's way of coaching was strict, sharp and to the point. No messing and thats what exactly has prolonged my career to date. Thanks Leo. 
Míchéal McCarthy 
All Ireland Senior Champion, Dublin, 2011, St. Sylvesters GAA 
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