Core Training Foundations 

Train Your Core from the Ground Up in 12 Weeks with combined breathing, strength and mobility training. 
Reduce recurring pain in the low spine and hips, Improve the range of movement in your joints and Increase Strength Capacity. 
CTF is delivered to you through the awesome Innate Strength App to make life easy for you and strengthen your whole experience 
JUST €49.99 
Why is it that we have more qualified personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga teachers, physio’s, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors, yet we report greater levels of pain in the body? 
Back pain is one of the most prevalent complaints nowadays.  
Almost 80% of us experience back pain at some stage in our lives! 
Even regular gym goers, athletes and physio’s experience back problems. 

Why all the pain? 

Perhaps, we are missing a beat. In our rehab programmes we are doing the fancy stuff without understanding how the body actually works. In our gym programmes we are forgetting about our foundations. Ab crunches, planks and back extensions are part of the rehabilitation process. Deadlifts, squats and presses maintain a strong core but these exercises are not even half of what goes into creating strong foundations. 
Here’s what you are not being told: 
We need to become strong in all directions  
We need to move regularly in multiple directions to become supple. 
The breath, the pelvic floor, the low back, the love handles, the Abs and the hips all need to be progressively trained for a strong and supple core. 
When you strengthen your core through all of its movements, the core becomes a bedrock of strength for whole-body, functional movement. 
Core Training Foundations addresses these problems by systematically training the core from the ground up & we add those critical lifestyle movements into the programme. 


Connect the breath to tension in the core. 
Ace the Core Strength tests. 
Strengthen the core even more. 
Become strong in whole body ground-based movements. 
Return mobility back into your spine and hips. 
Move regularly. 

CTF Benefits to you: 

Low back pain eases 
The hips move better 
Eliminate recurring muscle tears 
Strength returns 
Movement flows 
You feel better, move better and become stronger. 
CTF is a 12-Week Program designed to increase your strength and improve movement from the ground up. 
Need to know more about the program before you buy? 

F.A.Q’s for Core Training Foundations 

CTF is a structured programme to improve your breathing, balance the muscles of your core, increase strength and enhance movement. 
The core is an essential part of becoming healthy, strong and fit and yet not many people train it well resulting in pain and movement issues. This programme will guide you through everything you need to know to train your core effectively. 
Everything is delivered through the Innate Strength app, a facebook community and the odd email. 
To reap the rewards of the programme you need to train frequently, undertake the habit challenges diligently, record your results on the app, engage positively with the community and enjoy your experience. Training only works when you work at it! 
You need to be able to access the facebook community for group support, otherwise you will miss out on this support. 
You have full access to the programme for 16 weeks. Within that time, you can download everything and have a hardcopy for yourself. If you wish to continue to access the programme after 16 weeks you can extend your access via the website. The cost is €10 per month for extended access. 
Send all questions to the FB group. I will be there. I answer many questions personally and conduct some FB Lives to enhance your experience. 
This is an online self-directed training programme. It is designed to empower you to connect your breath to your movement, enhance strength and mobility. 
You should expect a core strength assessment, 3 phase core training programme, lifestyle habits, coaching guidance and a community to support you on your journey. 
You need to be able to access the facebook community for group support, otherwise you will miss out on this support. 
Generally, dedicated people complete the programme in 12 weeks. For some, it may take a little extra commitment. It all depends on your application to training and ingraining the new lifestyle. 
Core Training Foundations is structured to give you time to train and adapt in each phase of training. Each phase is 4 weeks long. It is expected you train a minimum of four times per week (two mobility days and two strength days). You can train up to 6 days per week if you like. 
Step one: log into the members area of the website via your web browser. Fill out all forms. 
Step two: Tomorrow, complete the vision and goals documents together with the questionnaires. You will find these in the same members area. 
Step three: Join the facebook group. Download the app and get training from the next day. 
Yes, coaching upgrades are available. You may also choose to completely customise your training with Personal Training. Click here for a coaching upgrade and click here for customised personal training. Just know that my coaching time is limited and there may be a waiting list. 
Disclaimer: The Core Training Foundations is a non-refundable purchase. 
Training Just Got Easier 
Download The App 
Enjoy a Stronger Training Experience 

Get In Touch 

I have a ton of experience and knowledge developing health, strength and fitness for people like you. I wanted to get my message out to more people which is why I created Innate Strength. I know you can be healthier, stronger and fitter when you train the Innate Strength way. The training programmes and events are designed with your Vision in mind and no matter where you are in the world, I can now be your personal trainer. 
Whether you’re looking for customised coaching or you have a burning question form, please get in touch by using the form below. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, email me directly at 


Seán Kinane   Owner of Health Matters

I have worked in the health industry for many years and even now I feel like there's not enough emphasis put on how you breathe   

When you realise the main cause of any illness is stress, that's when breathing comes in...I can now assess how my body is feeling / recovering from my breathing alone. 
Martha Moussally 
Personal Trainer and Masters Athlete  
Tyler Desplanter

Leo is committed not only to improving my respiratory function, but doing so in a manner that helps me to meet my other goals in my life  

Whether you want to improve your asthma, walk up stairs without breathing hard, or improve your breathing for athletic endeavours, I highly recommend working with Leo. 
Tyler Desplenter, Ph.D. 
Ontario Strongman 
Micheal McCarthy

I was able to finish out the season so strong and probably had the best season I had in the last 6/7 years.   

The breathing technique helped me gain cardiovascular fitness far quicker than the what I had previously been doing. Leo's way of coaching was strict, sharp and to the point. No messing and thats what exactly has prolonged my career to date. Thanks Leo. 
Míchéal McCarthy 
All Ireland Senior Champion, Dublin, 2011, St. Sylvesters GAA 
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