Health Can Be An Olympic Effort For Some. 

As almost everyone is aware, the 2021 Olympics games are being played out in Tokyo at the minute. The cream of the world’s athletes is vying for a coveted gold medal in almost every sport. It takes a lifetime to achieve one of these precious medals and once it’s attained, the status as Olympic Champion is yours for life. For example, it took Tom Daley 12 years and three Olympic cycles to attain his medal and he’s one of the lucky ones. There are also those that dedicate themselves to the cause and never achieve the honour to step up onto the podium and receive a medal. These athletes can dedicate just as much time and sacrifice to the cause but because of one reason or another, they never quite make it. Attaining health for normal people is no different than achieving Olympic glory for the world’s elite athlete. 
To make health a reality it can take love, pain, dedication, sacrifice, support, structure, hope and action every day for years. The same ingredients it takes to become an Olympic Champion – just at a different level. Some people are lucky and achieve it right out of the gates, for others it can take years to achieve, similar to Tom Daley. There are also those that dedicate themselves to becoming healthy and never quite make it. Possibly its their genes standing in the way, maybe education, support or awareness. Either way, for both athlete and health-seeker, it does not matter if you win gold in the end. It was always about the person you become as you endeavour to achieve your medal. That is where the true gold lies. The love you find, the talents you unearth, the experience you have and the wisdom you share; these are the gems that are found on the road which ultimately become your gold medal. 
This post was inspired by both the timing of the Olympics and a client of mine that’s been battling to stay alive for twenty years. Life hit this person from left field and dealt them an unfathomable blow that not many could withstand and yet they are still standing, still finding a way to move forward and to live their best life. Without naming names, you know who you are. If you are reading this you know I am so proud to know you and share a little in your journey as a trainer. Your story will inspire many others as you open up and share with the world. You’re a Champion in my eyes. 
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